06 Nov

Sitting in a jail room waiting for trial is very devastating and boring. During this time the accused is not yet proven guilty, so the court usually has a system where the accused can get a bail bond until there is a court hearing that proves the accused as guilty then the accused is taken to prison.  Before a trial that proves the accused guilty there is usually an option where there is a bail hearing, the judge listens to your case and gives a bail bond. A bail bond is a particular amount of money or assets, a sign that gives you the freedom to go back home and come back on the particular day of the court hearing. This money acts as security or collateral. Not all people are given the privilege of a bail bond. After bail hearing, the judge may deny you the opportunity of getting a bail bond. Find the best bail bonds services or check out Amistad Bail Bonds for more details.

Although the defendant is given a jail bond, there are various responsibilities that the defendant is supposed to fulfill. It may be house arrest where this person is not allowed to go anywhere but remain in their homes only. The person may be restricted from coming close to some people especially if they pose a danger to them. Or else you might be told to appear in court once in a while. This cash is usually refunded on completion of the court hearing. If all the defendant doesn't adhere to these responsibilities, their bond is revoked immediately.

The bail bond that is usually given to the court varies with the intensity of the crime. Serious crimes require a higher bond. There are different types of bonds although they may vary with different countries. There is the cash bond this is where some amount of money is paid as a security that you will appear in court on that particular day. These type of bond is the most popular. There is also a bail bond known as surety bail bond this is where a professional bail bondsman  is contacted these people assist in the entire bail process. The defendant is supposed to pay collateral to the bail bond. The bail bond is usually a non-refundable. There is also the federal bonds this is the one for people with federal crimes like kidnapping, tax issues, etc. and lastly there are immigration bonds these are for crimes involving people that are not citizens. Getting a bail bond is no easy one requires to seek the services of a licensed bail bond agent to help in the bail process. Continue reading more on this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bail_bondsman.

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